frequent questions:

What is Wenu Work?

We are a B Corporation dedicated to technological development. We work with companies of several industries and sizes, implementing our electrical monitoring and control system.

Are there any technical requirements for the implementation?

Before installing our system, our team will make a technical feasibility visit to verify certain conditions. Through this process, we'll be able to quantify a project according to your specific needs.

How long is the installation process?

In average, our system is fully deployed in just a couple of days.

How invasive is the installation?

In most cases, our system is installed without even having to interrupt your electrical supply. Therefore, is non invasive and will not create any operational downtime for your company.

Is there a minimum amount of sensors that has to be installed?

No. We always focus on installing the amount of devices that make sense to you, and will allow you to make the best decisions possible.

How is the data collected?

Thanks to our propietary IoT (Internet of Things) devices, we are able to monitor electrical consumption in full detail, transmit the data to the Cloud and deploy it in our web platforms.

How can I visualize the electrical consumption of my company?

We enable 3 visualization platforms:
  • In Wenu Radar, you'll be able to monitor your electrical consumption in real time and all of the historical data, alongside with electrical KPIs that wil enable better and faster decision making processes.
  • With Wenu Dashboard, you'll be able to deploy your electrical consumption data in open spaces, as an education/communication initiative for any stakeholder. Show how you are making progress managing your company's carbon footprint!
  • Through data requests to our Wenu API, you'll be able to complement your already in use digital systems with relevant electrical data.

Do I need to enable every platform that Wenu Work has to offer in order to hire their services?

You'll be able to hire one of all of the platforms, because of their complementarity. You can read more about our platforms in the Solutions section.

Do I need to buy the hardware to start a project? What can I do with the sensors once the project is over?

No, you don't have to buy the sensors. We operate under a service model. The only implementation cost is the installation itself. Therefore, the sensors are leased and not sold.

How much does the service cost?

The monthly fee will depend on the amount of devices installed in your company. We always try to make the fee a small fraction of what you actually pay for electricity, so that the benefits you may generate, will make the project is payed for itself! Check our Pricing section so that you can make an easy online quotation.

Does the service include the system's maintenance?

Yes. All of the improvements and maintenance procedures both in hardware and software are considered as part of our service.